Microbits 2.0

Come join us on February 20th and February 27th . Your boy (ages 8 to 12) can participate in our new online workshop “mBlock: Creating Smart Objects through Code 2.0” This course picks up where our last mBlock course left off. You will continue to use mBlock, a block-based language (derived from Scratch), with many extensions to create smart objects such as smart speakers (e.g Google Home or Alexa at Home) that will improve your life at home. This field of computer science is called “the Internet of Things” or IoT. You will use cognitive services, climate data, video sensing, text to speech, and translation services to design fun and interactive inventions. If you are interested in becoming the future technicians of tomorrow, the time is now! Please Register Now, Space Is Limited! Toronto- mBlock-2 - Feb 20th- 2021

Current dates for this workshop

Start date: Sat May 08

Toronto, ON

Start date: Sat Jun 13

Calgary, AB