technology SUMMER camp for Black boys ages 10-14

Summer Camp

Starts July 19, 2021

Brampton, Calgary, Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Windsor, Edmonton & Hamilton


Black Boys Code is launching our first-ever Technology summer camp program! Starting on July 19, 2021, this free virtual 4-week program will be jampacked with skill development from developing a web page to building an app!
The Learning Math Through Code summer camp program will empower participants to build their confidence and problem solving skills, all while gaining a deeper level of digital literacy! Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to begin with math to progress to coding. Students often find it difficult to grasp abstract mathematical concepts. This camp will help your boys turn these abstract concepts into tangible products through coding. Sign up today, space is limited!
Young teenage boy working on homeschool assignments using laptop at home

Why math?

Math and coding go hand-in-hand. In this camp, participants will strengthen their math, algorithmic and computational thinking skills, which is essential for writing a line of code that works well and is completely bug-free. Students often find it difficult to grasp abstract mathematical concepts. However, by learning these concepts through coding, students can visualize their reasoning as it comes to life. We want Black boys to improve their mathematical prowess through coding.

What you will learn

How to build a website from scratch

The development process of creating an app

Introduction to Python and Scratch

Problem solving and critical thinking skills


The Black Boys Code Technology Summer Camp starts July 19 and runs for 4 weeks.
Students will attend an interactive online class with Instructors All times are in the chapter city’s local time zone

Monday to  Friday:

  • Online workshop | 10:00 am – 12:00 noon
To register for this workshop, find your chapter from the list below and click the “Register” button.

Start date: Sat Jul 19 

Brampton, ON

Start date: Sat Jul 19 

Windsor, ON

Start date: Sat Jul 19 

Toronto, ON

 Start date: Sat Jul 19 

Halifax, NS

Start date: Sat Jul 19 

Montreal, QC

Start date: Sat Jul 19 

Hamilton, ON

Start date: Sat Jul 19 

Calgary, AB

Start date: Sat Jul 19 

Edmonton , AB

This program is proudly sponsored by TD Bank
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