Workshop Support

This page captures the common issues parents have experience with our workshops and it provides a quick Q and A on how to solve their issues:

I registered for the course and I never received my login credentials

If you have taken an online workshop with us in the past, it would be the same login credentials as before. Please proceed to log into 

If not

Please check all your emails even your spam folders. If you have taken a workshop in the past the login credential will be in that email by default and not necessary the one you registered with.

For example, Mary Smith registers her son for one of our workshops months earlier using her work email address. For this course, she registers her son using her personal email address. Therefore Mary Smith’s work email is associated with her work email address. If she does a password reset the information will be sent to her work email address.

still cant find it ?

You may have registered incorrect email address (spelling mistakes are difficult to identify by the system so an account would have been created pointing to the wrong email address. You will have to contact our to assist you with this.


I do not remember my login credentials

Please go to 

 where you will use the Login Username ID and your password. 

If you forget your password, you may reset it yourself by clicking on the link ‘Forgotten your username or password?

Your Login Username ID is: yoursonsfirstname.lastname.airportcodeofthecitythe workshopiswith

Please retain the Username ID which uniquely identifies your son.  It will be re-used in all future course registrations for the student as well as in any communication with Student Help mailbox. 


I’m logged in but I don’t see the zoom link:

The Zoom Link will be in the course when you log in closer to the start of the class. 

The class begins on XX Day 

My child can’t log on:

We have numerous workshops taken place simultaneously in different time zones so it is challenging to identify which workshop your child is with. For us to best assist your please email [email protected] with the following information 1) You Childs’ full name 2) The City they Live In 3) Their Age 4) The workshop they are currently taking.